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Project Description
This Contract to cover the execution of the complete building, 2 Chiller units & 2 Ice Tanks. The purpose of the plant is to allow the University to expand its central cooling system in the most economical and efficient manner to all campus buildings that shall be connected to the plant through a network of underground piping.

Scope of Work
System Description:

  • CUP-2 shall contain multi stage open drive centrifugal compressor/chillers, 105,750 ton-hours of ice based thermal storage equipment, heat rejection equipment, chiller pumping systems, and all necessary auxiliary equipment. The mechanical refrigeration equipment shall provide an instantaneous plant cooling capacity of 17,500 tons that shall be supplemented with up to 8,000 tons of cooling from the thermal storage system at peak output.
  • During normal campus operating hours (7:00am to 8:00 pm), chilled water shall be supplied from the plant at 35F (1.7C) by pumps, which carry the flow in order to meet the cooling demands of the campus buildings. Output from ice based storage equipment shall be used during these periods to meet the supply temperature requirement while the use of mechanical refrigeration equipment from CUP-2 shall be minimized.
  • During all other operating hours, the cooling demands shall be met through the instantaneous use of mechanical refrigeration. The chiller water supply temperature during these periods shall be 41F (5.0C).

Description of Construction:

  • CUP-2 shall have a rated peak output capacity of 22,000 tons. 14,000 tons or approximately 64% of this capacity shall be provided by mechanical refrigeration equipment operating to chill water prior to and in series with an ice-based thermal storage tank that shall provide the remaining 36% or 8,000 tons of chilling capacity.
  • A set of 1000 mm distribution chilled water supply and return pipes shall exit CUP-2, to serve the new facilities planned as part of future campus development.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
98 Millions
King Abdul Aziz University
Jun 25, 2005 to Nov 06, 2009
Flour Arabia