Project Details
Value in SR

Project Description
The work comprises a Design & Build package that includes, the provision of further design works to detail the existing conceptual design, the provision and construction of all foundations, structures, finishes, mechanical, electrical, sewage treatment, waste treatment, plumbing and specialist works and other equipment to provide complete and operationally capable facilities.

Scope of Work
Key components include:

  • 2 No. 66kV/11kV Substations and electrical power distribution system.
  • Potable/Fire water distribution system comprising <4kM of 400mm piping, 9460/pm & 3785/pm pumps, 2 No. 6800 m3
  • Pre-stressed concrete tanks 62,779 m3
  • Equalization Tank
    41,562 m3
  • Clarifier Tanks 3,996 m3
  • Aerobic Digester Tank
    859 m3
    Chlorination Tanks 494 m3
  • Waste water treatment plant, triturator for airside sewage, forced main waste water collection system and irrigation system.
  • Solid waste treatment plant comprising incinerators with air pollution controls and a bank of solid waste compactors.
  • Central utility plant of <28,000kW to supply/chilled water and emergency power <20,000 kW, housed in a 40mx106m single storey building of concrete and steel construction complete with 2 No. 15t overhead traveling cranes.
  • Engineering building of 2 stories, steel framed with irregular footprint (18mx45m) includes offices, control, rest end storage rooms, maintenance shops and employees canteen.
Doha, Qatar
2143 Million
New Doha Int. Airport Steering Committee
Jul 05, 2006 to Dec 15, 2008
Bechtel Inc. (including Project Mgt.)