In a step to reduce the power network overload from the ever increasing power demand resulting in blackouts in Riyadh,Arabian Bemco has successfully connected to grid 24 Gas Turbines in Riyadh Power Plant No. 10 and will connect the remaining 8 units by May 2011 ahead of the contractual scheduled milestone dates to meet the peak summer demand. This successful accomplishment is considered as a major contribution and implementationof SEC initiatives for the power grid enhancement plan in Saudi Arabia and for this occasion Arabian Bemco has received the honor in welcoming SEC High Management for a site visit and tour around the PP10 Project.


The visit commenced with a press conference held by Mr. Ali Al-Barrak, CEO and President of SEC, and accompanied by Mr. Fouad Al-Shereibi, Executive Vice President – Generation, and Mr. Saad Al-Dakhayel, Executive Director – Power Generation and Engineering. During the conference Mr. Al-Barrak stated that the Riyadh City consumes more than 12,000 MW a year, which is equivalent to the consumption of five neighboring countries, resulted in SEC’s decision to install additional power by converting PP10 from Simply Cycle to Combined Cycle through the addition of ten (10) steam units with the overall capacity of 1,500 MW. It is planned that the contract is to be signed by the end of June 2011 and that the units will be operational by 2014 resulting in the increase of the overall capacity to 4,500 MW.

According to Mr. Al-Barrak "the project is a qualitative move for the SEC Steam-Operated Power Plants since it will not be restricted to the coastal cities but also in Riyadh and the presence of water is a key factor in that kind of power plants”. For this reason, SEC has made a deal with the National Water Company for the supply of processed sewage water to be utilized for the combined cycle plant thereby increasing the power production and save in from the additional fuel consumption cost.

Mr. Al-Barrak concluded the conference by commending the speed and quality in which Arabian Bemco has executed the project in partnership with the Saudi Electricity Company.