Arabian Bemco Contracting Company has been recognized, during a luncheon, as one of the Saudi companies to partner with the Human

Resources Development Fund for an agreement signed previously to receive a large number of young Saudi nationals for the purpose of hiring and training. With this agreement, Arabian Bemco will play an important role in the Kingdom’s strategy for Saudization and in the development of Human Resources. As a result, Arabian Bemco will utilize this workforce immediately after the three months training period in projects under execution around the Kingdom.


During the first three months of the training program, the instructor will guide the trainees and introduce them to the work environment through the company’s policies and regulations, work ethics, professional interaction with managers and directors, communication and planning with other employees forming interactive and efficient team work, self-developing skills and expertise, maintaining high quality of work and high levels of discipline. Once the preliminary training period is completed, the trainee will be assigned in a project subject for an extensive technical training and hands on qualification supervised by high level engineers from Arabian Bemco.

The ceremony took place in Jeddah Crown Plaza Hotel organized by the Human Resources Development Fund and the National Recruitment Office to recognize companies with robust saudization initiatives. Arabian Bemco was recognized as well as a group of local companies for the important contribution to the saudization program. Mr. Hisham Abdulrahman Lanjawi, Manager of the Human Resources Development Fund, presented the certificate of appreciation to Mr. Emad Ghandourah, Director of Projects Development and Chairman of the Saudization Committee in Arabian Bemco as an appreciation to the support and successful recruitment of Saudi nationals for the year 2010.