Arabian BEMCO is ISO 9001:2000 certified company and complies with various ISO and international standards to meet contractual and regulatory requirements.

The policy of Arabian BEMCO is to deliver products and services to the client in conformance with contract requirements; on time, and free of defect. For this purpose Arabian BEMCO has developed and maintained a Quality Management System (QMS) covering engineering, procurement, and construction in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards. The ISO uses a Quality Manual, Quality System Procedures, and Quality Plans document.

Quality Manual:
The Quality Manual Includes:

  1. Quality Policy, objectives and the scope of the QMS.
  2. Documented Procedures and processes for managing our operations and activities are established in the QMS.
  3. Brief description of the interaction between the procedures of the QMS.


Quality System Procedures:
The Quality System Procedures are a compilation of interrelated and interacting procedures written to reflect the management system that we currently use. The corporate quality manual is applicable to all business units. Furthermore, the procedures are drawn out for use in developing the business unit quality plans.

Quality Plan:
In addition to QMS, Arabian BEMCO develops quality plans specific for each project as per ISO 10005 (Quality Management: Guidelines for quality and/or environment management systems auditing) is carried out to ensure implementation of project plan.

Project quality plans, work instructions and inspection and test plans spell out the requirements of the project and lays down which company procedures are to be used to program and control the works of the project.