The single point project management responsibility provides the project with a swift decision making process, enhances communication with the customer, and provides a full sense of "ownership". Its objective is to identify, monitor, and correct any deviations from the original scope of work quality, cost, and schedule.

A qualified Project Manager is assigned to each Project, thus the project Management system is based on a single point responsibility in all the implementation aspects of the project.

The Project Manager is fully authorized and supported on a matrix basis approach for project management, i.e. the allocation of resources from functional departments and sections to satisfy the project needs, by the company's various departments in the areas of Project Controls, Engineering, Procurement, Administrative & Financial, and Construction, as illustrated in the chart.

Individual Members of the project team are selected from the various functional departments and sections. They report to the Project Manager with regard to project’s execution; and report administratively to their respective Department’s Managers. The Department’s Managers have responsibility for the functional and technical integrity of the work of their team member(s).

Bemco enjoys the use of its own corporate jet, Challenger 300, to be able to respond in an agile fashion to clients’ requests for meetings and to support the projects efficiently.