Project Details
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Project Description
The Contract is an extension to the existing Al-Qurayyat Power Plant located in Al-Qurayyat City located northeast of Saudi Arabia.

Scope of Work
Scope of Work includes Detailed Engineering and Design, Procurement of all equipment and materials to Site (except the GTG Units and the Generator Step-Up Transformers), Construction, Erection, Testing, Commissioning and putting into service two (2) new GTG units, each of 55-80 MW at 50oC ambient temperature on a Lump sum Turnkey Basis.


  • 2 x 60 MW GTG including generator, exhaust system, inlet air filter system, and associated auxiliaries
  • Crude & Distillate Fuel Oil Unloading, Forwarding and Treatment Systems
  • Black Start Diesel Generator
  • Crude Oil Heaters
  • Crude Oil Tanks 3 x 15,000 m3
  • Diesel Oil Tank 1 x 10,000 m3
  • Fuel Additive Storage and Forwarding System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Water Wash System & Water Supply System
  • Oily Water Treatment and Disposal System & Waste and Sludge Tank
    HVAC System
  • Water Treatment Plant & Demin Treatment Plant and Storage
  • Fire Detection & Protection System


  • 2 x GSUT 13.8/132 kV 90/110 MVA
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformers 13.8/4.16 kV
  • 4.16kV/480V Transformers for Unit Auxiliaries and BOP
  • LV Switchgear and Power Distribution Boards 480V, 380V, 208V, 3 phase 220/120V single phase including Lighting Transformer
  • 125V DC System for GTG Units & BOP Loads
  • MV & LV XLPE Power Cable & Accessories
  • Instrumentation & Fiber Optic Cables
  • 132 kV XLPE HV Cables
  • Relaying, Metering, and Protection & Control
  • Interfacing with 132 kV GIS Substation
  • Motor Control Centers
  • DCS System and SCADA System
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply


  • Site Development
  • Turbine Bldg. and Fuel Processing Bldg.
  • Local Electric Bldg. & Central Control Room
  • Black Start Diesel Generator Bldg.
  • Water Treatment Bldg. & Fire-Fighting Bldg.
  • Demolish & Rebuild the Administration Bldg.
  • Laboratory & Chemical Storage Room
  • Other facilities such as Roadways, Equipment Foundations, Trenches/Road Crossing/Duct Banks, Plant Drainage, Fencing, etc.
Al-Qurayyat, KSA
249 Millions
Jan 24, 2012 to Aug 11, 2013