Project Details
Value in SR

Project Description
The plant is an extension contract to the simple cycle power plant adding (ISO) 85MW x 8 Gas Turbine Generator units and interface with the existing PP10 facilities and utilities.

Scope of Work
Scope of work for this project includes design, engineering, procurement, supply and delivery of materials and equipment, installation, erection, testing and commissioning and put into service eight [8] additional indoor Simple Cycle Gas Turbines complete with all associated auxiliaries and components.

  • Eight (8) Gas turbine units & Auxiliaries
  • Gas Turbine Air Inlet Systems, including Filtering, Ducting and Silencers.
  • Fuel Oil Skid for Gas Turbines
  • Gas Turbine Generator Starting System
  • Fire Detection and Protection System
  • Enclosure Ventilation Fans, Ducts and Silencers
  • Lubricating and hydraulic system
  • Gas Turbine Exhaust System
  • Cladding
  • All access Stairs, Ladders, Galleries, Walkways and Platforms
  • Make Up Water System
  • Crude & Distillate Fuel Oil Forwarding Systems
  • Crude Oil Heaters
  • Fuel Additive Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Water Wash System (supply & disposal)
  • Water Supply System )for services & make up)
  • Oily Water, Waste and Sludge Disposal System
  • HVAC System
  • Lifting Equipment


  • Three (3) Phase 60 Hz TEWAC Generators for Gas Turbine
  • Three (3) Winding Generator Step-Up Transformer 13.8/380 kV including secondary side high Voltage Bushing for Gas Turbine Generators
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformers 13.8/4.16 kV
  • Generator Circuit Breaker (52G) and Accessory Compartment
  • System Circuit Breaker (52S) and Accessory Compartment
  • MV Switchgear
  • Auxiliary Power Supplies including LV Switchgear, MCCs, and Distribution Board
  • Batteries & UPS System
  • Lighting & small Power Systems
  • MV Cables
  • LV Power, Instrumentation, and Control Cabling Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Instrumentation
  • Fault Recording & Diagnostic Systems
  • Isolated Phase Bus Ducts (IPBs) to interconnect Generator, Generator Circuit Breakers, and Generator Step-Up Transformers
  • IPBs to interconnect System Circuit Breaker to Low Voltage side of the Unit Transformer
  • Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct
  • Unit Auxiliary & Station Auxiliary Transformers 13.8/0.48 kV
  • Grounding System & Lightning Protection System
  • Electric Motors
  • Gas Turbine Starting System
  • Cable Trays, Ladders and Cable Terminations

Instrumentation & Control:

  • Gas Turbine Control System including all necessary hardware & software for monitoring and control of the Gas Turbines & associated plant
  • Gas Turbine Control System
  • Condition Monitoring System for the Gas Turbine Plant
  • Plant Performance Monitoring Equipment for the Gas Turbine Plant
  • Continuous Exhaust Gas Emissions Monitoring Equipment
  • Vibration Monitoring Equipment
  • Distribution Control System to Monitor & Control the new installations equipment including hardware & software.
  • HVAC Control System
  • Fire Detection, Alarm & Control System
  • Telephone and PABX system
  • Clock System
  • Public address and Inter-Com System
  • Radio Communication System
  • SCADA System


  • Temporary site facilities & site preparation
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Concrete pavements and parking areas
  • Drainage system
  • Landscaping WORKS
  • Trenches
  • Pipe supports, Cable Trays & Duct Banks
  • Miscellaneous foundations & shelters
  • Gas Turbine buildings & equipment foundations
  • Underground Tanks
  • Local Control Room/Electrical Control blg.
  • Fuel forwarding system building
Riyadh, KSA
1408 Millions
Dec 25, 2010 to May 12, 2012