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Scope of works is the Design, Engineering, Material Procurement, Quality Management, Factory Inspection, Testing & Commissioning and all associated works and services until final handing over of heavy duty industrial package type, simple cycle combustion gas turbine generator plant. Standard proven design of gas turbine generators having a net rating of 60-80+10% MW base load at 50oC ambient temperature and reference site ambient conditions totaling approximately 1200 MW (60Hz units), shall be proposed. Crude oil is the main fuel with Natural gas as a back-up fuel and distillate for shut down and start-up. The proposal shall also include provisions for future conversion to Combined Cycle and Turbine Inlet Air Cooling System (TIAC). The scope shall include but not limited to the following:
Civil Works comprising but not limited to the following :

  • Site Preparation, fencing, soil investigation, buildings, foundations, roads.
  • Landscaping and related water system, underground networks and excavation.
  • Drainage and Sewage Systems.

Mechanical Works :

  • 20 Turbines - Generator packages and its accessories.
  • Fuel Gas System, Crude Oil and Diesel Oil Systems.
  • Re-commission of existing crude oil pipeline and metering station.
  • Compressed Air System, fire fighting and detection system.

Electrical Works:

  • Generator and Ancillaries, Transformers and 380 KV Gas Insulated Bus Ducts.
  • 132 KV Substation and step-up transformers.
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear and Low Voltage Switchgears.
  • DC, UPS Systems, Batteries, Battery charger and inverters.
  • Lighting, Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems.
  • Cables, Cable Laying and Terminations.
  • Electrical Protections, interlocking and Motor Control Centers.

Instrumentation & Controls :

  • Plant Control and Monitoring Systems and DCS
  • Plant Communication Works:
  • Telephone and PABX System and Public Address and Intercom System.
  • Radio Communication System and Clock System.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2584 Millions
March 14, 06 to Aug 1, 08