Project Details
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Project Description
The new grass root power plant is a Combined Cycle Power Plant with net capacity of 1,740 MW, after deducting all plant auxiliary consumption at ambient condition. The site is located 100 km West of Riyadh City, KSA.

The configuration of each combined cycle block will be 4 GTGs + 4 HRSGs + 1 STG + 1 ACC with a total of 2 Blocks with sales gas as primary fuel and Distillate and Arabian Super Light as secondary.

Scope of Work
1. Mechanical:

  • Eight (8) nos. Gas Turbine Generators
  • Eight (8) nos. Heat Recovery Steam Generating (HRSG) units with natural circulation located outdoors
  • Two (2) nos. Steam Turbine Generator
  • Two (2) Air Cooled Condensers
  • Boiler feed pump system and its associated auxiliaries
  • Gaseous Fuel Supply System
  • Three (3) nos. ASL Fuel Storage Tanks each 20,000 m3 capacity and one (1) Distillate Oil Storage Tank of 10,000 m3
  • Four (4) Unloading Bays for ASL Fuel and two (2) Unloading Bays for Distillate including all pumps
  • Fuel Oil Treatment and Forwarding System
  • Fire Detection and Protection System
  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Turbine and Compressor Section Washing System
  • Oily Water & Waste Drainage System
  • Water Supply System
  • R.O. Water Treatment Plant
  • Sanitary Waste Treatment System
  • Hydrogen Production Plant
  • Carbon Dioxide Bulk Storage System
  • Nitrogen Bulk Storage System
  • Chemical and Bulk Storage System
  • Black Start Diesel
  • Closed Cooling Loop System
  • Condensate Recovery
  • Bulk Lube Oil Purification System
  • Laboratory

2. Electrical:

  • Generators Excitation System
  • Generator Neutral Grounding Equipment
  • Generator Line Terminals with CTs, PTs and all required accessories
  • GSUT - Two/Three Winding, Main Transformer 18 kV/380 kV with on-load Tap Changed (OLTC).
  • MV or 480V Non-Segregated Bus Ducts
  • 480V Switchgear
  • SF-6 Generator Circuit Breakers
  • 4.16 kV Switchgear
  • Emergency Bus MV Switchgear (BSDG Switchgear)
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformers with two/three winding high side at 18 kV generator voltage and low side at MV (4.16 kV)
  • MV (4.16 kV)/480V transformers for unit auxiliaries
  • MV (4.16 kV)/480V for BOP
  • Dry Transformers for Lighting System
  • LV Auxiliary Switchgear and Power Distribution Boards
  • 125V DC System and UPS System (120V AC) for GTG and STG
  • 125V DC System and UPS System (120V AC) for BOP, relay protection and critical loads
  • Electric Motors
  • Isolated Phase Bus Duct from generator to generator circuit breaker and from generator circuit breaker to GSUT with tap off to MV unit auxiliary transformer.
  • Synchronizing Equipment
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting System
  • MV and LV XLPE power cable & accessories
  • 380 kV XLPE HV Cable
  • Fiber Optic Cable for SCADA
  • Grounding Protection System
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Cathodic Protection System
  • Protective Relaying, Metering and Control Systems
  • Motor Control Centers

3. Instrumentation & Control:

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • DCS for monitoring and controlling GTGs, STGs, HRSGs, and other PLCs.
  • HMIs and Engineering Stations
  • Local Control Room for each block
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems for GTGs, STGs, BFP, and CCW pump units, ACC and other Heat Exchangers and Sales Gas Compressors.
  • Sequence of Event Recorder (SOER) integrated within the DCS
  • Plant Management System
  • Low Current Systems (Telephone, Paging, Master Clock, Internet, Annunciation System
  • New Standalone Paging System, Weather Station)
  • CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System)
  • TIMS (Tank Inventory Management System)
  • SCADA Systems
  • Ground Fault Detection System for DCS
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • High Fidelity Training Simulator for Power Blocks, Auxiliary Systems, and in-plant Electrical Distribution System
  • Triple Modular Redundant Control System for critical control and protection systems.

4. Civil:

  • Site development
  • Turbine Buildings
  • Local Electric Building, MV Switchgear Building, Operations Building, and Main Gate House
  • Administration Building
  • Roadways, Personal Hygiene, Equipment Foundations, Trenches/Road Crossings/Duct Banks, Plant Drainage, Water Supply System, Construction Fence and Area Lighting, Gates, Security Fences


Riyadh, KSA
4725 Millions
May 16, 2012 to May 15, 2015