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Project Description

The Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Power Plant is to be constructed on PP10 site located on the outskirt of Riyadh City on Al-Kharj road in the Central

Province in KSA. The project scope is to convert the Simple Cycle Gas Turbine (SCGT) Plant to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant for blocks A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 including supply of common balance of plant for all blocks.

The configuration of each combined cycle block will be 4 GTGs + 4 HRSGs + 1 STG + 1 ACC with a total of 10 Blocks with provision for installation of TIAC System in the future.

Scope of Work
Scope of work for this project includes design, engineering, procurement, supply and transportation of material and equipment, installation, erection and construction, testing and commissioning, on-load testing, startup and putting into service Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), Steam Turbine Generators (STGs) and associated plant.
The main supply will include but not limited to the following:

  • Forty (40) nos. Vertical/Horizontal Single/Dual Pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generating (HRSG) units with natural circulation
  • Ten (10) nos. Steam Turbine & Generator
  • Ten (10) Air Cooled Condenser
  • Boiler feed pump system and its associated auxiliaries Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) to monitor stacks emissions
  • Closed Circuit Cooling Water System
  • Raw Water Supply Pipeline & Pumping Station
  • Raw Water System
  • Water Treatment Plant ( Two Pass R.O. and resin based mixed bed Demin Plant)
  • Waste Water Treatment & Disposal System
  • Bulk Chemical Storage System
  • Fire Protection & Detection System
  • Compressed Air System
  • HVAC System
  • Hydrogen Generation Plant
  • Bulk Lubrication Oil Storage System for Steam Turbines


  • Steam Turbine Generating Units
  • Generator Step-Up Transformers
  • Isolated phase bus bars to interconnect the generator and generator step-up transformer
  • Extension of existing MV switchgear (13.8 kV and 4.16 kV) required for CCGT project
  • New MV cubicles (13.8 kV, 4.16 kV)
  • Control and monitoring of MV, LV and UPS system with DCS.
  • LV station auxiliary transformers (13.8- kV)
  • 480 V LV switchgear (PCC, MCC, PMCC, etc)
  • DC Switchgear
  • Fault recording and diagnosis system
  • Protective relay equipment
  • Interfacing and totalizing of tariff metering system
  • Motors and variable speed drives
  • New lighting & earthing system
  • Independent grounding system for each steam turbine
  • Separate earthing system for DCS and PLC
  • Interfacing with 380 kV Substation
  • MV/LV cabling, cable tray, cable trenches, cable ducts, etc.
  • Supply of EHV 380 kV XLPE cable between GSU & 380 kV Substation

Instrumentation & Control:

  • Complete control, protection and monitoring systems for HRSGs, STGs, Air Cooled Condensers, Water Systems, Electrical Systems, Fire Detection System and other common services and auxiliary systems.
  • Supply of new dual redundant DCS
  • Automatic start of the GT, ST, and HRSG from main control room and local technical room
  • All necessary modifications to the existing Electrical, Fuel and Fire Protection operator workstations and large screen displays.Emergency shutdown systems
  • Interfaces with existing DCS and Central Control Room.
  • Plant performance monitoring equipment
  • Condition monitoring equipment
  • New PLC systems for BOP/package/auxiliary plants with communication interface with DCS controllers
  • Air and Water emissions monitoring equipment
  • Extension of the existing SCGT Communication systems to cover the CCGT
  • Extension to the existing DCS historical data storage retrieval, logging, reporting, trends, graphics and alarms.


  • Site preparation (excavation, filling, grading)
  • Site access roads and pavements
  • Utilities pipe work
  • Pipe and cable racks
  • Storm, foul, oily and plant drainage systems
  • Utilities and underground services
  • Fencing and gates
  • Site services
  • Steam Turbine Generator Hall
  • ST electrical/station and unit auxiliary switchgear buildings including control rooms
  • Hydrogen Generation System Building
  • Chemical Building and Laboratory
  • Hypochlorite Dosing System Building
  • Instrument and Service Air Compressor Building
  • Water Pump Shelter
  • Chemical Store Building
  • Foundations for STGs, HRSGs, Transformer compound, Air Cooled Condenser (ACC), Raw Water System and Pump house, Water Storage Tanks, Compressed Air Equipment, Service ways, ducts and trenches, pipe racks and bridges.
Riyadh, KSA
5381 Million
Oct 16, 2011 to Jul 15, 2015
SEC & Saud Consult