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 Project Description
Scope of work of this EPC contract includes design, supply, installation, erection, health and safety management, painting, commissioning and putting into operation, performance and reliability testing on completion, instruction/training of SEC personnel, and obligations for the defects liability period for the equipment necessary to convert the existing open cycle gas turbine power plant to a combined cycled gas turbine power plant with the provision of water treatment systems including MSF desalination plant, demineralization plant, and chlorination plant.

Scope of Work
The conversion to a combined cycle power plant is based on five (5) blocks, each block comprising of three (3) GTG, three (3) HRSGs, and one (1) STG and shall result in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine net power of approximately 3,190 MW with an expected rating for each of the STGs of approximately 260 MW.
Mechanical Equipment:
Fifteen (15) HRSGs vertical type, natural cooling

  • Fie (5) steam turbine driven generators
  • Five (5) Water Cooled Surface type Condensers (2-pass, 19.8 m3/sec CW flow each)
  • Five (5) generator step-up transformers comprising main tank, conservator, HV, LV, and neutral bushings, coolers, fans, instruments, etc
  • Forty Five (45) Boiler Feed pumps 3x50% for each HRSG
  • Fifteen (15) Condensate Extraction Pumps 3x50% for each Steam Turbine Condenser
  • MSF Desalination Plant 4,000 m3/day 3x50% streams
  • Chemical dosing, steam and water sampling
  • Seawater Intake Screens System consisting of twelve (12) Chain Raked Bar Screens, twelve (12) Drum Screens, Stop Logs & Flushing water systems for the screen
  • Ten (10) Circulating Water Pumps 53,200 m3/hr @1.2mt head 2x70% per block c/w expansion joints, combined isolating and check valves
  • Debris filters Ten (10) for condensers and Ten (10) for CCCW system
  • CCCW System for five blocks
  • Demineralization plant mixed bed 3x70% streams
  • 2,450 m3 each
  • Re-mineralization & Neutralization Plants
  • Chlorination plant
  • Hydrogen plant
  • CO2 System – storage & vaporization
  • Two (2) Distillate Water Storage Tank 10,000 m3 each
  • One (1) De-mineralized water storage tank 8,750 m3
  • Extension to the Fire Protection & Detection systems

Electrical Equipment:

  • Five (5) Generator step-up transformer 386 MVA each
  • Five (5) Generator Circuit Breakers
  • Five (5) Isolated-Phase bus ducts
  • Two (2) IPB Taps to station transformers from existing IPB’s of open cycle GTG
  • Five (5) Unit Auxiliary Transformer
  • Two (2) Station transformers 45 MVA each
  • Auxiliary transformers
  • Five (5) Static Excitation Transformers
  • One (1) 13.8 kV Switchgear
  • Seven (7) 4.16kV Switchgear
  • LV SWGR, MCC’s & distribution boards
  • Protection & relay panels
  • DC & UPS Systems
  • MV, LV, and I&C cables
  • Grounding & Lightning Protection Systems
  • Lighting & small power systems
  • External lighting

Instrumentation & Control:

  • DCS including Simulator
  • Vibration & Control Monitoring
  • CEMS
  • Field Instruments
  • Extension to the existing DPABX
  • Extension to the PA & Security Systems

Civil Works:

  • Offshore works: seawater lagoon, intake structure, seal weir pits, outfall structure & discharge hannels
  • Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinders underground piping (3,000mm dia) for Circulating Cooling System 5,200 Lm approximately
  • Concrete foundations for STGs, HRSGs, auxiliary equipment, transformer compounds, MSF Desalination Plant, Water Storage Tanks, Pumps, Intake & other miscellaneous equipment
  • Building/sheds for STGs, Cooling Water Pump House, Chlorination Plant, Demineralization Plant, Water Treatment, Compressed Air, Hydrogen Plant and Chemical Storage, Electrical buildings, Warehouse, Industrial Security Buildings, and Gatehouse
  • Other civil works such as duct banks, trenches, pipe racks, excavation, etc.
Qurayyah, KSA
6883 Millions
Sep 16, 2009 to Feb 15, 2013
Lahmeyer International