Project Details
Value in SR

Project Description
EPC grassroot project (5 million sq.m Site)

Scope of Work
Scope of work for this project includes detail design, engineering, material procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, transport and delivery to site, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning, and all associated works until final handing over of heavy duty industrial package type simple cycle gas turbine generator plant.

  1. Mechanical Equipment:
    • Gas turbine units & Auxiliaries
    • Gas turbine air inlet systems, including filtering, ducting and silencers.
    • Fuel oil skid for gas turbines
    • GT crude electric heater
    • Atomizing air/Purging air system
    • Lubricating and hydraulic system
    • On-load and off-load compressor/turbine washing system
    • Fire detection and protection system
    • Enclosure ventilation fans, ducts and silencers.
    • Lubricating oil cooling systems
    • Gas turbine exhausts system
    • Provision for future crude pipe line
    • Fuel oil unloading system
    • Fuel oil storage tanks and transfer system
    • Fuel oil treatment plant
    • Fuel oil forwarding system
    • Fuel oil additive system
    • Insulation and cladding
    • Water treatment plant, water supply & distribution system
    • Two black start diesel gensets with compressed air system
    • BOP fire detection and fire protection systems
    • Work shop, machine tools, and laboratory
    • Ware house, racks, shelves, & cabinets
    • HVAC equipment/system
    • Oily water drainage system
    • GT & Generator special tools
  2. Electrical Equipment:
    • Three phase 13.8 kV, 60 HZ TEWAC enclosed generators for gas turbine.
    • Gas turbine starting system
    • Gas turbine starting system
    • Three winding generator step-up transformer 13.8/13.8/380 kV with SF6 to oil HV bushings
    • 380 kV SF6 surge arresters
    • 13.8 kV unit & station switchgear
    • 4.16 kV station auxiliary switchgears
    • 13.8 kV unit & station current limiting reactor
    • 13.8 kV station class surge arresters
    • Auxiliary power supplies, including LV switchgear, MCCs and distribution boards
    • Essential supplies including batteries and UPS system.
    • Protective relaying and metering systems including CTs and VTs.
    • Lighting and small power systems and equipment.
    • LV power, instrumentation, and control cabling systems.
    • Fiber optic cables
    • Segregated phase bus duct
    • Non-segregated phase bus duct
    • Isolated phase bus duct
    • MV station transformers 13.8/4.16 kV
    • Unit auxiliary and station auxiliary transformers 13.8/0.48 kV
    • Black start diesel generators
    • Electric motors MV & LV, and MV cables
    • Grounding system and lightning protection
  3. Instrumentation & Control:
    • Complete control, protection and monitoring systems for the plant shall be provided, including, but not limited to:
    • Gas turbine control system and equipment for monitoring and control Gas turbine local control station
    • Monitoring systems
    • Vibration monitoring equipment
    • Distributed Control System (DCS)
    • HVAC control system
    • Fire detection, alarm and control system
    • Radio communication system
    • SCADA system
    • Security and safety systems
    • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
  4. Civil Works:
    • Roads
    • Site facilities, and Administration Bldgs.
    • Draining system
    • Landscaping, trenches
    • Substructure works
    • Gas turbine & Main control Bldgs.
    • Black start diesel gensets Bldng.
    • Annex, Warehouse, & Mosque Bldg.
    • Water treatment plant Bldng.
    • Instrument and service air plants Bldng.
    • Fire fighting, Pump, & Ambulance Station
    • Fire and ambulance station
    • Fuel storage tanks unloading & metering station & control room
    • Security Center Building
    • Crude oil, diesel oil, and foam storage bldgs.
    • Sewage & oily water drainage
    • Area lighting, security system, and comm system
Riyadh, KSA
11212 Million
June 30, 08 to Aug 29, 11