Bab Rizk Jameel (BRJ) is part of Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiative and its main role involves job creation and providing jobopportunities to Saudi nationals. BRJ represents in this role by supplying suitable candidates for training and recruitment to Arabian Bemco and to other private companies.

During the yearly ceremony of “Bab Rizk Jameel”, Arabian Bemco was honored by H.E. Minister of Labor Engineer Adel Bin Mohamad Fakih for providing job opportunities to Saudi nationals in its drive to support the Saudization Program.

During the past two years, Arabian Bemco has been substantially active in the recruitment, training and HR development programs especially for Saudi nationals in coordination with several accredited training institutions.

With such initiative, Arabian Bemco continues its contribution to the efforts of the Saudi Government in reducing unemployment rates and supporting the national economy. This initiative is regarded as a vital

strategy and it reflects Arabian Bemco’s dedication to social responsibility and promoting development and growth of the country.