BEMCO’s set up; Procurement Team, Automated Management System, Network of Manufacturers and Suppliers and extensive Know-how in; procuring and managing highly technical equipments and materials, is significant to constitute the keystone in the success of this important process, which would eventually lead to eminent success of any Fast Track Project.

Bemco’s Procurement and Commercial Teams are highly qualified and experienced in procuring sophisticated engineered systems and material. The Team is geared for the rigorous procurement task of; Industrial, Power, and Commercial Projects. This helps to deliver the material that meets the project Specification.

BEMCO’s procurement and material management possesses are fully automated throughout all phases of the procurement, this helps stream lining the business process, including; Sourcing, Bidding, and Purchase Contracts. It also help Control and Manage the; Technical Submittals, Production, Factory Testing, Shipping, Receiving at the warehouse, and Material Issuing to the Project, In a Timely Manner. The procurement processes are mapped into an (Enterprise Resources Planning, J. E. Edwards ERP System). This ensures a fully integrated procurement process, as well as the integration of the procurement function with other supporting departments within Bemco.

BEMCO, in close coordination with its affiliate companies overseas, creates a global procurement network to cover Major Systems’; purchasing, expediting, inspection and traffic activities.

Bemco’s store contains large inventory of project related material. Moreover, the association of Bemco with Major Suppliers in the local markets, gives Bemco’s Procurement the ability to ensure a fast delivery of Major Systems and Bulk Material for Fast Track Projects.